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Adobe CQ5 Service Level Agreement

  Looking to implement Adobe CQ5? Are you maximizing Adobe CQ5 with its complementary products and integration capabilities? With an Adobe CQ5 SLA from Six Dimensions, you gain access to an Adobe partner with a proven best-in-breed CQ5 certified team who knows how to implement quickly and take advantage of the additional WCM capabilities Adobe continues to add on. Participate now and your business will gain the expertise you need to support an expanding, multichannel digital world – quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.   Accelerate deployment of enterprise integrated applications and products Eliminate recruitment costs and time to acquire experienced CQ5 developers Leverage the Adobe broad offering like S ... READ MORE

What Core Components are Involved in a Data Solution?

Author: Nicholas Varner, Big Data Senior Solution Architect As I mentioned in the “Kicking Off a BI Project – Who is involved?” post, some of the key personnel of a BI project are: Data Architect, ETL engineers, Business Analysts, Report Developers, Application Developers, Data Governance, and a Project Manager, which all have the common goal of providing stakeholders with the right information at the right time. The goal of this blog post is to get you thinking about the strategies that can provide the best Data Solutions for your company at the best price. The Data Solutions strategies we will detail include Data Integration, Data Storage, Web Analytics, Reporting, and Database as a Service (DaaS) solutions, also re ... READ MORE

Creating a Better Web User Experience for Intranets & Portals

Author: Travis Estell is a content management system (CMS) web developer and consultant at Six Dimensions. He has led complex content management integrations and implementations using the Adobe Experience Manager platform for over five years.   6D White Paper: The paper identifies ways to create a better user experience for the visitor and author, and  5 key considerations when moving to a new CMS for Intranets and Portals. Moving to a Content Management System Websites are usually moved into a content management system (CMS) for a couple of reasons. The new CMS usually provides a much better user experience for the person editing the site, often called the si ... READ MORE

Web Application Security & Your SDLC

Companies for years have neglected the importance of building security into their Software Development Life-cycle they always have had to deal with security matters once an intrusion happens. Over the years this has shown to cost enterprises billions of dollars in lost income, potential income as well as loss of client confidence. Data securitybreeches have impacted millions of users from having credit card, and social information security stolen to having their personal privacy exploited because of insecure passwords. It is important more so now than ever to look at security from an organic perspective, and to build security from within and not an after thought.  After thoughts are best saved for  missed attractions during a vacation trip not when dealing with ... READ MORE

Dealing with DNS Changer

DNS Changer is a malware that attackers use to modify a users DNS settings to a separate set of rouge DNS servers this is critical because an attacker that controls your DNS server also controls the content that is served to the user this makes it possible for attackers to use your sessions to unintentionally surf sites that contain other malicious content. One major issue that can occur is web-masking which could potentially allow an attacker to route websites that you browse on a daily basis to their own mock sites for example online banking sites, email, social network sites. Prior to this being used for malicious use it was primarily used by attackers to control the ad settings for search sessions. Controlling your search session would allow an attacker to embed ad network affiliate id’s that would allow them to earn money off o ... READ MORE

CQ5 Development Setup: Maven Build and Deployment

Six Dimensions and 6D-Labs are pleased to announce its 2nd CQ webinar “CQ5 Development Setup: Maven Build and Deployment” The second of ten webinar series, will explore: • Project Structure • Creating a Maven Reactor • Creating Bundles • Multi-Project Setups • IDEs and Tools • Maven Plugins • Eclipse Plugins • Continuous Integration • Creating a Single Package • Deploying to CQ This webinar is complete, click here to download the video! ... READ MORE

Using XMLBeans in Adobe CQ

Apache XMLBeans is a powerful tool for reading, writing and updating XML files.  XMLBeans dynamically creates Java classes based on an XSD Schema.  This makes it powerful and easy to use, however can make it more complicated to integrate into OSGi based applications, such as Adobe CQ, as the XML Element to Java Class mapping uses the Java Classloader. This guide shows you how to integrate XMLBeans in your Adobe CQ application.   Step 1: Install XMLBeans Bundle Download and install  ... READ MORE

Creating a Column Control in Adobe CQ

Column Controls in Adobe CQ allow authors to easily create and configure column-based layouts.  This guide shows advanced users and developers how to create and configure a column control.   Step 1: Add a Parsys to a Component JSP Include a Paragraph System into the page’s component JSP.  You can use any node name for the path, the resource type is ‘foundation/components/parsys’ <cq:includepath="par"resourceType="foundation/components/parsys "/> Step 2: Configure the Paragraph System To add a Column Control to the Paragraph System, you will first need to update the design.  Select design mode on the sidekick. Design mode allows you to configure the Paragraph System for all pages with the same template.  Onc ... READ MORE

CQ Project Planning: Development Strategy

Several questions come up to me consistently while I move from client to client as a technical PM or solution architect. I felt compelled to list my responses to these questions so that you ask yourself the same questions every time you approach a new CQ5 project. MY response questions often lead to longer brainstorming sessions. Here are a few situations. Components Initial Topic: What gets “componentized” versus consumed, integrated or remain separated with regard to CQ5? My Response: How reusable is this functionality? What is the current life-cycle of this development? How frequently is it changed? How modular does this need to be? Will this functionality be replaced by another ... READ MORE

CQ Scheduling Basics

In CQ there are a few ways to perform a scheduled action.  I will go over basics for the easiest way to achieve this, a custom class running a cron expressions to fire off a run() method. An alternative to this tutorial would be to create a scheduled or event workflow that is triggered at a specific time, I won’t go over this but as with most things there is usually more than one way to reach your goal. Scheduling in CQ uses the open source Quartz library, part Sling Commons:‘’.  The scheduler can be used in two ways, by registering a job method or even more simply by using the scheduler’s whiteboard pattern supported by scheduler’s API. Let’s begin, we will start with the more simple of the two ways to use scheduler in a ... READ MORE

CQ5 Project Start-Up Package

Six Dimensions will be offering a two week hands-on “CQ5 Project Start-Up Package”. Package engages a CQ Project Manager / Solutions Architect as well as a CQ Developer over video and screen sharing. Package can be customized as needed. Week 1: On-Boarding with CQ Licensing and Product Overview Intro to Daycare, Ticketing and CQ Documentation Project Planning and Scoping Technology Solutions Strategy Basic Architecture and Configuration Content Editing Strategy Week 2: Getting Inside CQ CQ Author Training (Hands-on), CQ Developer Training (Hands-on), Code Promotion and Team Strategy, AGILE/SCRUM Coaching, Infrastructure and Technical Environment Building ... READ MORE

CQ5 Expert Available for Engagements

CQ5.x Senior developers available! We have two Senior Adobe/Day CQ developers available for direct clients only! Expertise in CQ Customizations, Tags, OSGI Bundles, JSR-170, CRX, Templates, Authoring, Publishing, Workflows, Sling, Java, REST, JavaScript, JSP, CSS, Apache, Sling, CRX, batch content importing, project management, technical leadership and solutions design. Matthew Sullivan, Sr. CMS Practice Director  Six Dimensions San Ramon, CA. Cell (408) 771-3543 Phone (925) 365-1457 ... READ MORE